We have an excellent track record of successfully closing short sales and high customer ratings. 

Comments from Clients, Vendors and Other Realtors

  • "John, I want to thank you very much for the impeccable services you provided during the short sale process!  You were very professional, and precise, in the hole transaction.  I will highly recommend your services to others!"  -Justin K.
  • “Masterfully handled short sale! Looking forward to doing some more real estate with you in the future.” - Max J.
  • “Thanks Teck, this is great news and a load off my mind” - David F.
  • “Lisa and I wanted to send out a sincere note of appreciation to you for your outstanding advice, service, and professionalism during the sale of our home in Ahwatukee. From start to finish, there was not a single moment where we felt “out of the loop” with ANY element of the process. And, with your sophisticated usage of technology to both share documents and answer questions, we were 100% satisfied with your ability to respond at a moment's notice. Now that the deal is done, please know that we'd be happy to refer our friends and family to you and Front Line Realty at a moment's notice.” –Mike M.
  • “Thank you all for your patience as we worked through this one.” –David E.
  • “We're done! 3 for 3. Thanks for all your help with all these properties. Now I can get my life back in order financially! Hive five brotha!” –Anthony B.
  • “Thank you for a job well done, appreciate your efforts.” –Kate H.
  • “It was good working with you. Hope to again!” –Debbie V.
  • “Oh my goodness, it's over. Thank you for your persistence and all the work you've put into it. I'm sure you had to bend over backwards at times to get everything processed. We really appreciate all that you've done for us. I truly believe that few people could have pulled it off like you would have.” –Yoshimi E.